The Art of Vascular Ultrasound

A new comprehensive vascular textbook for students and professionals.

New in 2024: The Art of Vascular Ultrasound

Get ready for the future of vascular ultrasound education with the release of a groundbreaking book – The Art of Vascular Ultrasound.

Written by industry experts Jean M. White-Melendez and William B. Schroedter, this book will take you on an unparalleled journey through the world of vascular technology.

This book combines theory and practice, research, and real-world applications, offering exceptional insights into vascular sonography. Available in 2024, this masterpiece is an absolute must-have for anyone involved in vascular ultrasound education, whether in the classroom, lab, or ultrasound department.

The Art of Vascular Ultrasound

Start to Finish

Each chapter focuses on a different type of exam. Learn the anatomy, differentials, diagnostic criteria, and protocol.

Visual Variety

1000s of images, diagrams, and charts to show and organize complex concepts in a way that just makes sense.

Case Studies

Real examples and case studies from Jean and Bill’s vascular lab connects the book work to the clinical application.