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How can we help you?

Our passion is to help you pass your exams and further your career in sonography! Find the answers to your questions below, or for new questions, simply email info@esp-inc.com

What do I get with a webinar registration?

With your registration, you will receive the following:

  • Course workbook (will be mailed to you)
  • Access to the live, interactive registry review webinar
  • 6 weeks access to X-ZONE, our online practice exam questions
  • 12 Continuing Education Credits issued by the SDMS. Disclaimer:  Each registrant ensures they understand that most certification organizations do not apply credit for repeated SDMS CME Activities during the same certification period
When will I receive my workbook?

Our primary goal is to ensure you have the workbook before the start of the webinar; therefore, we begin the shipping process approximately one month before. Workbooks are shipped in order of registration. If you register early, your workbook will be shipped in the first batch shipment. If you wait to register until the last day (the cut-off date), you will receive your workbook a few days before the webinar begins. We recommend you register as soon as you are able to avoid any shipment complications. Tracking information for your workbook will be e-mailed to you. That e-mail may get filtered to your spam or junk folder so please check those regularly.

What is X-Zone?
To ensure you solidify what you learn in the webinar and your course workbook, you need to challenge yourself with practice questions. X-ZONE is our online platform that contains the practice questions for each course. You will have 9 months from the date of your registration to activate X-ZONE. Once activated, your 6 week subscription will begin.
When should I take my exam after the webinar?
Generally speaking, you shouldn’t take your test too early (right after the webinar) or too late (many months or years after the webinar). Ideally, you’ll give yourself at least a couple of weeks to 3 months (max) to reread the course workbook, study your notes, and practice in X-ZONE. If you take the test too early, you don’t give yourself an opportunity to practice what you’ve learned after the course. If you take the test too late, you will forget much of what you learned from the webinar.
After I pass the exam, then what?
Then you finally get to sleep, see the sun, hang out with your friends again, and spend time with your family!

All kidding aside, we want to share in your good news! E-mail a headshot of you holding your pass results to info@espsite.flywheelsites.com. Please include a brief testimonial on how ESP helped you pass. We will send you a free ESP T-shirt.

Can I cancel my registration and get a refund?

We get it. Life happens. If you need to reschedule, these are our guidelines to help you do that and avoid unnecessary charges.

  • You can transfer to another course within the same calendar year at no cost. Simply email info@espsite.flywheelsites.com and we will take care of you.
  • Guidelines for canceling a registration:
    • Email info@espsite.flywheelsites.com with your request to cancel.
    • If the following conditions are met, you will be eligible for a refund less a $50 administrative fee:
      • You have not activated and/or used your online subscription to X-ZONE.
      • We have not shipped your workbook to you.
  • Refunds are NOT eligible if any of the following conditions are true:
    • Cancellation request is sent after:
      • Your workbook has been shipped.
      • You have activated and/or used your X-ZONE subscription.
      • You did not attend the seminar.
Can I audio tape or video the webinar?
You may AUDIO record our seminars. We expect that these recordings are limited to your personal use while studying for the exams. We expect these audio recording to be erased after passing your exam.

Video recording and/or photography during our seminars is strictly prohibited.

You shall not copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit or distribute the Service or the Materials in any way. You shall not sell, resell, license, sublicense, rent, lease, transfer, assign, distribute, grant a security interest in, or otherwise transfer any rights to, or commercially exploit, the Service or any Materials contained in or made available to you in the course of using the Service or use the Service to run or as part of a service bureau, outsourced, or managed services arrangement.

Do I need the textbook for the webinar?

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