Understanding Ultrasound Physics, 4th Edition

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Dive into ultrasound physics with the iconic, Understanding Ultrasound Physics (UUP) textbook, written by the renowned Dr. Sidney K. Edelman, Ph.D. The UUP textbook is known for simplifying ultrasound physics. Its clear language and engaging illustrations ease learning. Plus, it includes thought-provoking questions as well as offers ESP’s X-ZONE access, an interactive platform that is designed to help you pass your certification! With this book, mastering ultrasound physics is no longer daunting.

Key features:

Master the principles and applications of ultrasound physics with these exclusive benefits:

  • Visual learning: Immerse yourself in 424 full-color pages featuring over 350 illustrations and images, enhancing your understanding of complex concepts.
  • Extensive practice: Reinforce your knowledge with over 700 review questions that are accompanied with detailed answers.
  • Included access to exam preparation: Gain an extra edge with an included two week access to one full length, practice exam through ESP’s innovative X-ZONE.


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